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ENL Corner


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September 2018 Edition


My name is Carly Olinger and I will be sending out monthly information regarding ENL information! ENL stands for English as a New Language. Our goal here at Tenth Street Elementary is to help these students and their families to become involved in school, successful in school, and to feel valued as a member of our Tenth Street family! Here are some things that will be included in our monthly ENL newsletter:
    • ELL Resources for parents
    • ELL Resources for students
    • Helpful websites for ENL children
    • Helpful applications for ENL children
    • Other helpful ENL information
Please reach out to me at anytime if you would like more information on English Language Learners at colinger@acsc.net.
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How Parents Can Help Their ENL Children Learn English

  • Read Regularly- This is something that is irreplaceable to your child’s education. One misconception that ENL parents have is that all books that they read must be in English. This is NOT true! Reading in their native language can help improve overall reading fluency, while also preserving their native culture.
  • Communicate with Teachers- For parents of ENL students, reaching out to teachers may seem intimidating. However, teachers are a very important partner to parents when it comes to helping your child reach their full potential. Don’t ever hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher. They are there to support you!
  • Prepare Your Child for School/ Promote Education at Home- Being prepared for school in general will really benefit the ENL student. Here are some ways you can promote school at home:
    • Setting aside a time and place for homework
    • Having resources available such as pens, paper, and dictionaries
    • Being willing to answer questions about homework when possible
    • Asking about their school day and listening to concerns

Hispanic Heritage Month

This month from September 15th-October 15th, we would love to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month! Teachers will be given videos and other resources to share with their students to promote Hispanic Heritage. We would also LOVE to involve our students and families. If you have any ideas for what you would like to share with our school regarding your family’s culture (classroom presenter about family traditions, bringing in a traditional meal, etc.), please set up a time to talk with myself and/or your child’s teacher!