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Welcome to Tenth Street Elementary, where we are "Soaring to Excellence"!
Tenth Street Eagles are good Citizens. We are Respectful, Responsible, Trustworthy, Fair and We Care.

Welcome to the Kimmer Village where music is our language!

Welcome friends to our exciting new website!! 
      I'd like to let you know a little bit about me since I teach all of the students at 10th Street Elementary. Music played an important role in my childhood years.  It provided an outlet for my emotions and creative expression.  I began playing piano by ear when I was quite young and was encouraged by my mom, who loved music, to enjoy listening and experimenting with music.  
     I saved up Green Stamps in 6th grade to purchase my first guitar.  My 6th grade teacher, Mrs. O'Connor, played and sang with our class and inspired me to learn to play.  I sang and acted in plays and musicals throughout high school.  In my senior year of high school, my doctor discovered nodules, growths, on my vocal cords and I chose vocal silence over surgery to repair the damage done.  Fortunately my vocal cords healed and I learned the value of putting my health before my aspirations.  I gave up the opportunity to be Dolly in our production of Hello Dolly! that year.  I remind my students of the need to care for their vocal cords and work with them on healthy vocal technique in class.
     I continued on to Rocky Mountain College in Montana where I received my B.A. in Music Education.  I taught for a few years and then took time off to raise my 3 daughters.  I taught private voice, guitar and piano lessons during that time. 
     In 2007, I returned to teaching after completing my degree in Elementary Education at Anderson University.  My plan was to teach my own class, using music has a vehicle for instruction.  Instead, as I've learned over many years, plans change and I began teaching music for A.C.S.C.  I love my job, the staff at 10th Street and my students!  I'm so excited to share more of what's happening in our musical village!