Background information:  I am a product of Anderson Community Schools.  I attended 29th Street and Meadowbrook Elementary Schools.  I then went to South Side Middle School and on to graduate from Madison Heights High School.  From there, I went to Ball State University and graduated at the end of the Fall semester in 1996 with a degree in elementary education.  I worked in Anderson as an assistant for 1 year and then moved to North Carolina where I taught 4th grade.  I moved back to Anderson and worked for 1/4 of a year in Elwood with migrant students.  I then took a long term substitute position at Meadowbrook.  After that, I was hired in 1999 full time with Anderson Community Schools.  I have worked in 5 different building in Anderson and I have taught 4-6 graders.  I am currently the dean of students and I really enjoy working with our students in finding ways to make them to become great citizens.