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ACS Preparation and Guidance for COVID-19

With the recent concerns surrounding the Coronavirus, ACS wants to share our initial guidance and preparations to deal with a possible pandemic or other significant health crisis.
ACS is working with and will continue to work with the Madison County Health Department, as well as the Indiana State Department of Health, for guidance and actions that result from a public health crisis.
Some of that guidance includes:
ACS encourages the use of handwashing hygiene and respiratory etiquette.  Sneezes and coughs should be covered and hands frequently washed for at lease 20-seconds to eliminate disease-causing organisms.  Individuals should refrain from touching their faces with unwashed hands.
Students and staff should stay at home when ill.  Individuals should have a temperature of less than 100-degrees without the use of fever-reducing medication for at least 24 hours before returning to work/school.  ACS encourages the use of the flu-vaccine.
The use of respiratory masks within ACS general classrooms is discouraged.  Mask usage has been shown by the CDC to be ineffective in preventing infections.
Staff and students who become ill at school will be kept separated from others and sent home as soon as possible.  Parents should make sure student contact information is up to date.
ACS actively cleans surfaces, which are touched by individuals, on a regular basis.  Enhanced cleaning will be done as recommended by local and state officials.
Relaxation of attendance policies will be pursued should staff and students be subject to quarantine.
ACS will suspend trips to affected regions and will follow local, state, and federal guidelines for the exclusion of students and staff that have visited those affected areas.
ACS will have a plan, in accordance with local, state, and federal guidelines, to initiate school closure and provide for the continued education of students, in the case of a public health emergency.
ACS will issue further notification and guidance as the situation dictates, and as we receive more information from the local and state authorities.

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