Volunteer Criminal Record Check Instructions

To obtain a Criminal Record Check:


Download the attached file: ACSC Volunteer Background Check


Go to the Anderson Police Department if you live within Anderson’s city limits. If you live outside of Anderson city limits, you must go to your local Sheriff’s Department. If you live in another city, go to the police department that services your district.


State that you need to obtain a background check in order to participate in Anderson Community Schools’ activities. There may be a small fee. Note: The Anderson Police Department will charge a fee to process the background check if you do not bring the "ACSC Volunteer Background Check" form when you make your request.


Take the records check paperwork with you to the Anderson Community Schools Administration Building, located at 1600 Hillcrest Avenue (the former Forest Hills Elementary School).  The staff in the Reception/Human Resources area will run the state record and the sex offender registry checks. Sometimes that can be done while you wait. When approved, you will be given a form to take to your child’s school.


A new background check must be completed every year.

Background check